Ohad Meyuhas


Ohad Meyuhas, Architect, Head of innovation labs and CSR operation at the 3D printing company Stratasys, Inc. his previous position as the director for academic research he shaped and manage products, created the first global 3D printing curriculum that is implemented in universities worldwide and the first Certification for additive manufacturing.

He is presently a lecturer at IDC Media School focused on tangible UX, UI with digital fabrication and programming. And lecturer for parametric design and fabrication at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design, and Art.

Establish and run the Israeli FabLab network and an instructor since 2011 at the global Fab Academy Diploma course for Digital Fabrication where you can learn how to make almost anything.

His research projects include exploring the relationship between digital fabrication, education, and social impact, and check how those new technologies can shape our daily life and the way we manufacture today. And the relation between personal fabrication, collective composition, and the factories of tomorrow.